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  • Promotional Instagram Ad

    Posted 09/09/2018 14 Bids Malaysia RM50.00

    I’m launching a business soon , therefore I need  * A banner/flyer for my Instagram post  * A good design that attracts customer before i post it out for promotional…

  • Part-Time & Full-time (Customer Advisor)

    Posted 08/09/2018 8 Bids Malaysia RM3,488.00

    Help promote the company Inform customers about services that could suit them Suggesting products they may be interested in Putting them in touch with someone senior should they need it…

  • Access programming in vba

    Posted 25/08/2018 4 Bids Malaysia RM3,000.00

    Looking for freelance programmer experienced in ms access database programming using vba. Very short project. Need to complete soon. Will discuss and agrre on amount $$$ before you start anything.

  • Content Writing – Products

    Posted 23/08/2018 16 Bids Malaysia RM10.00

    Immediate need for product writer. Remote role. To work on writing informative product contents; including product titles and product descriptions. Good writing skills. May require some online product research. Pays…

  • short video Script translation_ENG to BM

    Posted 23/08/2018 25 Bids RM100.00

    Looking for copywriter to translate english script into Bahasa

  • Compact western toilet

    Posted 22/08/2018 0 Bids Malaysia RM100.00

    to design a compact western toilet as per my requestto do 3d printinghave industrial detailshave scaling ratio details of real universal size to the in designcan also be 3d printed…

  • Maroon

    Posted 20/08/2018 4 Bids Malaysia RM1,500.00

    Need you to use Premier Pro (or similar) to edit and combine a few video to make a video like Maroon 5 “Girls like you” MV. There is a YouTube…

  • Currency converter website setup

    Posted 20/08/2018 4 Bids Malaysia RM500.00

    I want to setup a currency converter website . From Malaysian ringgit to Taiwan dollar.  User key in the amount of Taiwan dollar/Malaysian ringgit user needs, and it shows the…

  • Lifestyle Product Photography

    Posted 19/08/2018 4 Bids Malaysia RM200.00

    Looking for anyone who can shoot lifestyle product photography. I will pass you the product and give you time to shoot it. I need 20 variety of photos for Instagram…

  • Data Entry

    Posted 04/08/2018 14 Bids Malaysia RM300.00

    i need  packet money.so I do part time job

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