Setup Mobile app and Customize woocommerce plugin functionality in mobile app

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Posted on 07/12/2018


Project Desciption

Part 1: Setup Mobile App


i have purchase a Mobile app template, which is ready to build ios and android by using Ionic Codova.


“Woocommerce Mobile App Premium Theme Ionic 3”


Please read this link for more details about this template:


Documentation to build this app:




Part 2: Customize the WordPress woocommerce plugins functionality in the mobile app



Below is some plugins that not include in the mobile theme, so need to customize in the mobile application:


1)          WooCommerce Points and Rewards (refer image 1 & 2)


·        Displaying reward points for products

·        Displaying user accumulated reward points



Refer Link:





                                 i.            Point will show in single product page (refer image 1)

                               ii.            Points can be use when customer checkout (refer image 2)




2)          Woocommerce Product bundles


·       User can select product bundle


Refer link:



Site Refer link:

                                             i.      (refer image 3)




                                 i.            Customize it can word in the app



3)          Woocommerce Smart Coupon

Refer link:






                                 i.            Show available coupon on single product pages when we assign coupon to the product. (image 4 & 5),

                               ii.            Show on cart (image 6),

                             iii.            checkout page (image 7), also the customer can email the coupon to his friend

                             iv.            My Account page (image 8)




4)          Refer a friend for woocommerce Premium  ( refer link:

This plugin it need customer log in, after that they can share our website or product through their account page or through the product pages to their friends. Both of them will get the coupon, of course we have to set the coupon in front.




                                 i.            Share product when customer click the refer a friends’ link in single product page (refer image 9, 10)

                               ii.            Click In menu bar (refer Image 11)

                             iii.            Share “Whatsapp” only work in mobile view (refer Image 12)




5)           XL Plugin (refer site:


WordPress à Dashboard à Woocommerce à Setting à Finale / Nextmove / Sales Triggers



a)       Finale 


This is a plugin that we can set a promotion campaign eg 60% off in all product or a single product, also it can set a pop out banner, and countdown timer, all setting in the woocommerce backend.


Refer plugin site:



                        i.            show pop out banner (we can set in backend pop out in which page, mostly we set in home page) (refer image 13)

                       ii.            Show countdown timer in single product page. (refer image 14)




b)      Nextmove – thank you page


It will replace the woocommerce default thank you page (image 15) to the thank you page design by this plugin (image 16, video 17)


Refer plugin site:


Remark: replace woocommerce default thank you page



c)       Sales Triggers


It will show some trigger point in the single product pages (refer image 18)


Refer plugin site:


Remark: show trigger point we setted in single product page



6.       Wp Quiz (refer link:


You can test in the above refer link, in your phone browser, customer after quiz they need to share to facebook to get the result.

Remark: make it function in mobile app





7.     Storefront Pro Sales Pop (refer image 19 & 20)


Refer link:





Remark: when customer browsing the store product page, it will pop out this message.



For more information refer web:




Part 3: Submit to google & apple store



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