Freelance fashion designer for an exciting African-related theme brand!

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Posted on 07/10/2019


Project Desciption

Come up with garment design drawings for sampling with tailor

Availability on Kuala Lumpur to receive fabric samples from our warehouse

To have discussions with founder for potential designs with fabrics

Fabric Screening
Check for the fabric quality and propose the best design and cut for the specific designs

Advice on suitable fabrics for different garment designs


Come up with the fabric utilisation requirement (no of meters for design, requirement of lining etc)


Responsible to deal with appointed tailors (or self tailor) for sampling


Design Review
Responsible for review of sample designs with Founder

Mass Tailoring
Responsible to monitor garment quality during mass tailoring

Photography & Videography direction
Responsible to direct the photoshoot for approved designs as well as fabrics at the appointed photography studio

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