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Overcoming fear of having an freelance writing team

The best way to communicate and market your business is through unique content. However, many businesses like start-ups today don’t have the resources or writing staff to create the capacity and quality of content required for a good content marketing promotion. This is one reason why many businesses are choosing to shift that work to outsource freelance writing teams or content writing agency. Your business might have a few concerns about hiring freelance writers, but worry not; there are solutions to these concerns.

You might think it’s challenging to ensure the style and culture of your company is known for can be effectively understood by a freelance writing team. It’s a reasonable concern, as maintaining a consistent style of writing is essential to good marketing communication. However, many content writing agencies and professional writers are well prepared for the task of writing in distinctive voices.

Points to note when assigning a writing project:

Provide specific details when you request a content written. Would you like a Layman, Corporate or educational tone for your articles? Let the writers know about this.
Provide some examples of previous work that displays your brand’s style and voice.
Create a style guideline for the writers – for both in-house and external usage. This will help describe in detail everything you require to keep your writing tone consistent.
What if the writer is working for your competitor?

If you are outsourcing your writing projects, you may have a concern that the writers you hired may also be working for your competitors. So what can you do about this?

When outsourcing work to freelance writers, you can add an agreement in the contract (if you have one).
Check their background profile and portfolio to get the details.
Use a content writing agency to manage your content creation project.
Simply ask the writer, whether they worked in similar niche market and who their clients are.

Are the writers reliable and understand your niche market?

It does take time to post a job requirement and finally shortlist a writer and only to be found not reliable for the task. To overcome this situation, is better to communicate up front about the requirement and what you are expecting from the writer. If the first content doesn’t meet your standard, then ask for a revise and regularly communicate for assistants. Overall, this could be avoided if you could get a sample content request of previous work done by the writer. From this you will get an idea about their niche expertise.

Do you need more than one writer for your writing project?

In some cases, you may have a large volume of writing task that you need to complete. Your current team may already be struggling to keep up, but you have targets to meet. In this case, hire more writers and assign task according to their skilled niche market. Or simply engage a content writing agency to handle multiple content creations.

Engaging freelance writers is an effective strategy for getting content writing work done while your overhead costs low. By using the right content writing services, you can save time, energy and cost while creating a unique brand for your business with great content marketing.

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