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I Might Be The World’s Worst Freelancer

For one, I hate selling my services.

When I tell people what I do, sometimes they’ll respond with an enthusiastic, “oh, I want to hire someone to help me with content!” My response tends to be an underwhelming “that’s really cool you totally should.”

I want to have a long-term impact

The limited nature of how most companies communicate with freelancers makes it hard to see how what you do impacts the company. As a writer, I found it difficult to see how I was helping a company meet its goals. My role was to deliver a product. And even though the clients were happy with the product I delivered, I wanted to see how I was helping the company grow.

I’ll never go out of my way to convince someone to hire me

Surviving as a freelancer requires playing offense. Consistent outreach and persistent follow-ups are crucial to maintaining a pipeline of clients and keeping the money coming in.

I value autonomy and setting boundaries

On a few occasions, I’ve had calls with potential clients who set the expectation that I would have to use a time tracking software in order to get paid. This software in question tracks the amount of time that you spend working on their project. In some cases, it randomly screenshots your computer screen while the clock is running to ensure that you’re not doing other things during their billed time. One potential client went as far as to call to me entitled for suggesting that they should pay me based on outcomes rather than billed hours.


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