FAQs for Freelancer

  1. In summary, how this thing work for me as a freelancer?

    Well, it is easy. First, you sign up as a freelancer for free. Second, you need to purchase bidding points. Third, you start bidding on the active projects. If you win, you can start work on the project. Once it is done, we will pay you on behalf of the project owner. The project owner is required to submit the payment to us once he/she picked the freelancer.

  2. Can I bid more than the value proposed by the project owner?

    Yes, you can. If you think the project value is more than the budgeted amount, you can put your value.

  3. What kind of payment method available for me to get paid?

    We will pay directly to your local bank account via online banking or Paypal.

  4. Why my profile is not showing up in the freelancer’s list?

    You MUST update your profile after registration. Once login, go to My Profile and click Edit button to update your profile the click Save.

  5. How do you handle dispute between me and the project owner?

    Hopefully we dont have to. But if we do, we will handle it the best we can.

  6. Do you charge the freelancer for their work?

    Yes. We charge 10% commission fee on the completed project.

  7. I was asked a pin number while performing transaction. Where do I get this pin number?

    Login to your account and go to My Profile. Under the My Account section, you will see a “Secure Code”. Click button next to it to get your pin number.

  8. How do you handle dispute between me and the project owner?

    Hopefully we dont have to. But if we do, we will handle it the best we can.

  9. Is freelancer allowed to work outside of Freelanc3r environment?

    Our goal is to make Freelanc3r.com.my a website of trust between project owners and freelancers. In order to achieve this objective, project owners and freelancers have to use our workspace for project communication. This is to protect project owner’s investment and freelancer’s work. We have very strict rules about users (project owner and freelancer) make a deal outside Freelanc3r environment by giving out their email or phone number when bidding for project. Any user who is found to violate these rules will be banned without further notice. This is to protect the good name and value of Freelanc3r.com.my.

  10. Project Owner is asking me to pay some money to get the project started. What do I do?

    As a freelancer, you role is to bid on the project and if you won, you will complete the project and get paid. You don’t have to pay anyone including the Project Owner. If Project Owner is asking you to pay for some upfront money, please report to us immediately and do not accept the proposal.

  11. I have delivered what is requested by the project owner but I never see the money credited to my account?

    Please inform the project owner to click the “Finish” button once he accepted that the freelancer has completed the job. By clicking the “Finish” button, our system will automatically inform our admin to start the transfer process.