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Hello there, I am not your typical girl-next-door, I’d have to say I’m high strung with creativity and drenched in teenage adrenaline, which in my case works’ to my advantage. I am currently a freelancer who emcee’s, writes, models and gets immensely involved into the entrepreneurial side of things. I dream big and work towards perusing and building an empire. I have a habit of translating complex ideas into slick, marketable campaigns. I revel in coming up with concepts for businesses and clients to carry forward prominent ideas to be appealing to a range of audiences.

I believe confidence is perhaps the most attractive attribute a woman can have. Building my confidence through my exposure and experience in the modeling world has provided me comfort and pride in how I look and feel about myself. However, my life goals and trajectory do not end in the glamor of the modeling world. Stepping away (though not completely) from the ‘stardom’ of things, I would like to further develop my character and career by not only being a model in pictures, but also a role model in personal standing and successful undertakings.

I would like to take the credits I have received from the materialistic side of the entertainment world and translate these into becoming a ‘woman of substance.’ Being a model has enabled me to accumulate my followers/viewers and now that I have the audience to whom I am grateful, I would like to show my gratitude and humility by making a contribution that is invaluable and hopefully leaves a lasting legacy that I could truly be proud of beyond youth and beauty.

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