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5 Ways to be a better Freelancer

Packaging your services into easy to consume boxes is the key to productization

1. Productize your Services

  1. A potential customer contacts you about a project
  2. You have meetings with them to discuss their use case
  3. You send them a proposal based on your ballpark estimates
  4. Once they accept, work begins

How it should be:

  1. A potential customer goes to your site and sees the services you provide
  2. They purchase your service from the website directly
  3. Work begins

Selling a service with the same methods you would use to sell a product is called productization. Productization works to benefit both the freelancer and the customer; the freelancer gets paid immediately, the work to be done is clearly defined, the friction involved with payment is removed, and the customer can easily purchase more work if they were satisfied with the service.

Productization takes a bit of creative thinking. Try offering subscription services instead of sending proposals. Hold yearly discounts to attract long-term customers. Advertise your specific services and see which ones are the most popular. All of this is meant to “hook” customers on you and your products. If you can establish trust early through low-effort subscriptions, the same customers are more likely to use you for future projects.

2. Reduce friction for your customers


Contact Forms


3. Automate the annoying bits of your business

4. Pay attention to analytics to iterate and improve

5. Build your brand

How do you start? Blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media to give you a strong, consistent presence. This helps you garner name recognition, but the real challenge is committing to it. Those that persevere will reap the rewards they deserve.


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